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I'm past my first trimester, can I still have an abortion?

Yes, Brooklyn Women's Pavilion offers surgical procedures past the first trimester. 

Will the surgical abortion procedure hurt?

Every outcome is different. However, we have options that will put you to sleep during the surgery. You're in good hands. When you wake up, it's all done. 

How do I prepare for an abortion?
Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew anything beginning at midnight on the night before your appointment. Do not use drugs or alcohol for 48 hours prior to your appointment. Wear comfortable clothes for your appointment. Bring with you a change of underwear, and 2-3 sanitary pads.

Will I have to miss work or school after the procedure?
Doctor's notes for missed work are available.

Can I still have children in the future?
It's completely natural to worry about how your abortion may have affected your chances of getting pregnant again, but like any pregnancy complications can arise. This isn't necessarily due to you having an abortion. 
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